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    Services & Rates

    From dog walking to potty breaks, we offer a wide variety of options at affordable prices. Find which service works best for you & your pet. We understand everyone is busy living life. We want to ensure the right service is available to everyone. All services are provided with the goal of leaving your pet happy & feeling loved!

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    Daily Visit

    Why send your pet to an unfamiliar place that only causes them (and you!) stress when we can come straight to your home. Your home is where your pet feels the safest & most comfortable. By us coming to your home, you do not have to worry about your pet getting sick from being around other pets. Most visits take 40-60 minutes based on your pets needs. Click the paw print above for more information or to sign up! 

    Dog Walking

    All dogs need a way of releasing their energy. Let us come to your house and take your beloved pet for a walk to wear them out for you a little bit. Your pet will return home tired & ready for cuddles. Package deals are available for further discounts for repeat walkers. Each walk includes a potty break, play time, & treats (approved by you of course). Find out more by clicking the paw print above or sign up below.

    Cat Sitting

    Remember, it's not just for dogs. It may be called Forever a Puppy but that just means everyone, including pets, should stay young at heart. We will take care of your pretty kitty just as you would while you are away. We even offer only litter box cleaning services! We can also take care of smaller animals such as hamsters, bunnies, fish, guinea pigs, birds & more. No matter how many legs we can provide great care for your pet!

    Overnight Care

    Going out of town for work or on a vacation? Feel relieved and stress-free knowing your beloved pet is in good hands while you are away. Overnight care is a lot like a daily visit, except we visit your pet 3-4 times a day (depending on your pets needs) & we stay the night with your pet. The paw print above leads you to more details or you can sign up for overnight care below! 

    Potty Break

    Do you work long hours? We are more than happy to jump in and help you with your pet! We can come to your house in the middle of your work shift and let your pet out for you. Each potty break takes about 20 minutes. Your pet will be let outside to relieve themselves, get some play time, refill on food & water (if needed), & plenty of affection! Wanna know more? Click the paw print above for more details.

    Pet Taxi

    Pets often have appointments, just like people do. Whether it be a trip to the groomer, vet or us taking you to airport, we are here to help! We will drop your pet off & pick them up when they are done. This way you don't have to take time from work or waste your lunch break running back & forth. Click the paw print for more information including mileage limits.

    Full Day Service

    Does your pet require us to be with them more than just overnight? If yes, this is the service for you! Full day service provides extended hours so we can spend more time with your pet(s). This service was designed for pets with separation anxiety in mind.

    House Sitting

    On top of watching pets, we can also come to your house while you are away on vacation or a business trip. This makes our services available to everyone. We will do security checks, bring in your mail & water any plants & more!

    Holiday Rates

    We offer all of our services 365 days a year. Some days will fall on a holiday which will incur an additional cost to the service(s) you select. Sometimes holiday travel doesn't allow us to bring our furry family members along. The following holidays are included: New Years Day, New Years Eve, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, Memorial Day & Labor Day.

    Multiple Pet Discount

    Have multiple pets? Whether you have two or three dogs, a cat & a dog or any other combination

    of pets, we can handle it! Receive a 10% discount for any additional pets.

    Medication Administration

    We understand some pets have special needs.

    If your pet requires medications to be given while we are caring for them (orally or injection) it can be professionally handled for you.

    Additional small fee included.

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    Meet & Greet​

    Meet & Greet

    A Meet & Greet session is required for all services. The pet owner & their pet(s) must be present. There is no additional cost for the Meet & Greet. We require this so your beloved pet can meet the pet sitter. This allows them to become comfortable with one another. The Meet & Greet is also the perfect time for the pet sitter to get to know the owner better!

    As the pet owner you can see if they are getting along in a way that you are comfortable with. It is also a great time for the pet sitter to find out the routine & specific needs of your pet. We recommend the session be done at your home so your pet can feel comfortable, but they can be completed at any location you desire. Meet & Greet sessions usually take about 45-60 minutes to complete. The time varies depending on the information we need to customize the service to accommodate to your pets every need!

    Service Rates

    Compare our most popular services & find the best fit for you.

    All services include plenty of playtime with endless love & affection!

    Daily Visit


    Per Visit

    Best Package Offer

    20-40 minute session

    20 minute walk included

    Meal & fresh water

    Dogs, cats, birds & more

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    Dog Walking


    Per Walk

    Best for General Upkeep

    20-40 minute session

    20-30 minute walk included

    Fresh water for rehydration

    Last minute scheduling

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    Overnight Care


    Per Night

    Best for Busy Homes

    3-4 visits per day

    20 minute walk included each day

    Late night cuddles

    Must book in advance

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