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    Policies & Procedures


    Policies & Procedures

    Servicing Areas: Plymouth, Northville, Canton, Livonia, & surrounding areas. If your home is beyond 15 miles of our pet sitters, additional charges may apply.

    Visits & Pets: All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations with proof of vaccinations. We cannot provide service to pets who are not up to date. If your pet is scheduled to get their vaccinations updated, we will gladly begin service after proof of vaccination is provided. 

    - If your pet has a history of any violence or aggression, please make sure to inform us at the meet & greet so we can make note of this in your file. 

    - Pets must wear a form of identification when in our care, such as pet tags on the collar. If your pet is micro-chipped, we can make an exception. 

    - When using overnight care services, all pets must be visited daily. We will NOT provide every other day care.

    - When calculating rates, all pets are included. However, if you have smaller pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits or fish, special rates can be arranged. 

    -  If others will be coming into the home while you are away, we must be aware & it must be included in the agreement made before services begin. Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting is NOT responsible for any damages or injuries that are caused by others coming into your home.

    - If emergency vet care is necessary while you are away, we will contact the owner first. Please make sure all emergency contact information is up to date before you leave. If we are unable to reach you (the owner) or the emergency contact, we will take your pet to the best suited veterinary hospital for treatment. If the vet we have on file for your pet(s) is open & able to treat your pet, they will be taken there. Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting is NOT responsible for any charges incurred for any treatment(s) your pet receives. All incurred charges are the sole responsibility of the owner. There will also be fees for us having to transport your pet to & from the location. They will be the same or similar to the service rates charged for our pet taxi service.

    - If there are any slight changes that need to be addressed (that we were not informed of at the meet & greet) please make sure to leave a note for the pet sitter or contact us directly so we can inform the pet sitter. If we don't know about the change, we can't provide it for your pet. 

    Weather: If bad weather conditions are predicted (including snow, ice, rain, severe weather, freezing temperatures or extremely hot temperatures) a walk for that day may be canceled; especially if there is thunder & lightening. However, indoor play time & exercise will still be provided in replacement of a walk. If extreme weather occurs while using our overnight care services, we will make sure to check your home for any damages or power outages that may occur. If anything is found to be wrong with your home, you will be notified immediately. If your pet is sensitive to thunder, please make sure to inform your pet sitter at the meet & greet. Additionally, If a bad snow storm is predicted while using our overnight care services, extra food & water will be provided in case our arrival is delayed due to road conditions. 

    Reservations: All reservations for any service we provide can be made by phone, email, or through the website. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from us. When you receive the email, please ensure all dates & times are correct. Notify us immediately if anything is incorrect or requires changes. - - Please book your selected service as far in advance as possible so we can be sure to accommodate your request. This is especially important during summer months & holidays. 

    Payment: Deposit for services are required at the end of your meet & greet session. The rest of your payment is expected on the first day of service. A 50% deposit is required for all services provided. Invoices will be emailed to the email address we have on file & will include the total amount as well as dates our services will be provided.

    - If you are using our daily visit or daily dog walking service, weekly or monthly payments can be arranged. Weekly payments will be expected at the beginning of each week & monthly payments will be expected on the 1st of each month. 

    - We currently only accept checks or cash for payments. Check should be written out to Courtney Novack. The option of paying with a credit card is in the works. Please be patient with us. Once the service is available, we will inform all existing customers. 

    Cancellations: For daily visits, dog walking, pet taxi & potty break services, we must be notified by 8 am on day of service if the need to cancel occurs. If cancellation notice is provided before 8 am, you will not be charged for that days service. If notice of cancellation is received after 8 am, full service rates will still be applied. If you have selected our overnight care service, we must be notified within 48 hours of first day of service. Any deposit made will be issued as a credit to use for future services.If cancellation is provided after 48 hours, your deposit is non-refundable. If your service is to be provided on a holiday & if have to cancel, please provide notice as soon as possible. Holidays are a popular time for our services & we would like to be able to offer the service to other customers if you no longer need the service. Your cooperation is appreciated.If notice of cancellation is not provided within 72 hours of first day of service, your deposit is non-refundable.

    - If your pet sitter has to cancel for emergency reasons or illness, you not be charged for that days service. 

    - Please note: We do NOT issue refunds. Only credit can be provided. The credit does not expire & is to be used for future services.

    Keys: At the end of your meet & greet session, you will provide a copy of your key to the pet sitter so we can enter your home while you are away. If a new copy of your key is made for us, please ensure that it works before leaving it with the pet sitter. If you choose to leave a key on your property for us to access while you are away, this is done at your own risk

    - We will NOT leave your key in your home at our final visit. We need to be able to access your home in case your return home is delayed for any reason. 

    - You can also choose to provide us your garage code instead of a leaving a key. If any changes to the code are made, please inform us before you leave. This information is kept in your file, which is confidential & only accessible by Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting employees. 

    Miscellaneous: Gratuity is not expected, but greatly appreciated. 100% of any tips provided are given directly to the pet sitter. 

    - All information provided to Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting is kept confidential. Your information will NOT be sold or shared with anyone else. The information we collect is solely used for us to provide the best possible care for your pet(s).

    - If you do NOT want us to use pictures of your pet(s) on our website, advertising or social media accounts, please inform us during the meet & greet. Otherwise, Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting has full rights to any pictures taken while your pet is in our care. Please note: Your privacy is protected as we never provide the location of the photo or names of the owners. 

    - We do not recommend that your pet be left outside unattended. If you choose to do so, this is done at your own risk. Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting is NOT responsible for any damages, injuries, or escapes that occur while your pet was unattended. 

    **All policies & procedures are subject to change at the discretion of Forever a Puppy Pet Sitting without notice. 

     (734) 645-2162