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    Meet & Greet

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    This is our initial meeting where everyone (including your beloved pet) gets acquainted & details about our services are provided. The Meet & Greet is where the customization begins! Using the information you initially provided when you signed up & the additional details we gather from you, we will work together to make sure all bases are covered when it comes to us caring for your pet. This is the perfect time for the pet sitter to get to know your pet & for you to get to know the pet sitter. After the meet & greet is over, you will feel comfortable with who will be coming into your home & caring for your pet while you are away. Additionally, your pet will be acquainted with their new friend so they feel good about the pet sitter coming into your home when you are not there.

    During the meet & greet, we will ask you to show us around your home so we know where to find the necessities. Your pet is encouraged to join for the tour. This is the perfect time to show us where food & treats are kept along with leashes, toys, their favorite hiding & sleeping spots, as well as litter boxes & medications (if necessary). This is also when we will ask you to tell us about your pets routine so we can make sure to customize our care to keep them on schedule. Any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed during this time as well. Meet & greet sessions usually take about 40-60 minutes & are recommended to be done at your home. This makes it easier for us and keeps your pet at ease during the session since they are comfortable at home. At the end of the session we will book your first service, discuss payment options & get a copy of your key or garage code. It's that simple! We look forward to meeting you, & more importantly, making new four-legged friends.

    Service Rates

    Compare our most popular services & find the best fit for you.

    All services include plenty of playtime with endless love & affection!

    Daily Visit


    Per Visit

    Best Package Offer

    20-40 minute session

    20 minute walk included

    Meal & fresh water

    Dogs, cats, birds, & more

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    Dog Walking


    Per Walk

    Best for General Upkeep

    20-40 minute session

    20-30 minute walk included

    Fresh water for rehydration

    Last minute scheduling

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    Overnight Care


    Per Night

    Best for Busy Homes

    3-4 visits per day

    20 minute walk included each day

    Late night cuddles

    Must book in advance

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