Beat Destruction Due to Pet Boredom

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    Cat Sitting

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    It's Not Just For Dogs!

    Everyone knows cats are more independent than dogs, but that doesn't mean they don't need love & affection too. 

    We loves cats just as much as dogs & would love to provide purrfect care while you are away!

    Call for Pricing

    A typical Cat Sitting session last 20-40 minutes.

    Includes but not limited to:

    • 1-2 visits per day
    • Meal time
    • Fresh water
    • Complete Litter Box Care
    • Plenty of play time
    • Love & affection
    • Bring in mail or packages
    • Security check of your home
    • Flexible scheduling
    • OPTIONAL: Photos of your pet or daily notes
    If you choose to have pictures of your pet(s) sent to you, we will send the pictures to you 

    using your preferred method (text message or email). Daily notes can be provided through

    text message, email, or left on paper at your home.

    Medication Administration

    We understand some pets have special needs. 

    If your pet requires medications to be given while we are caring for them (orally or injection) it can be professionally handled for you. 

    Additional small fee included.

    Multiple Pet Discount

    Have more than one pet? No worries! We can take care of all your beloved pets.

    Receive a 10% discount for any additional pets.

    If pets are large in size or do not walk good together, separate walks will be provided & may incur additional charges.


    Ready to book the best care for your pet? You can choose to jump straight into booking your meet and greet session. Not quite ready for a meet and greet? No worries, you can select to have a 15-minute call with the founder of Forever a Puppy Pet Services to have any of your questions or concerns addressed, then we can book your meet and greet. Either way, we can't wait to meet you and your pet(s).